A platform entirely crafted for the industry

Digital Solutions for the messy and manual corner of Retail: Claims & Returns

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Process your cases with full control

Tired of having to keep track of Excel sheets, documents, post-its, or even several fancy and expensive digital platforms? We've got you covered because we understand your struggles. We have experienced the pain, and that is why we have created a platform to handle it all!

What are you getting?

One platform for handling all complaints, returns, and repair cases
A great overview of the status of all cases in the process
Automatic notices to customers, suppliers, and/or factories
Easy distribution of cases among your case handlers internally
Smooth customization of different status points with automatic updates to the customer


B2C and B2B portals

Empower your customers with a user-friendly portal to submit and track claims online. Offer transparency by allowing customers to monitor the progress of their claims. Reduce time spent on creating cases, by letting the customer submit the cases themselves.

Easy to use

Receive all necessary information directly from your customer.

Efficiency is key

With a single click, the case is ready to be sent away to supplier.

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All-in-one platform for Returns Management

Provide customers with a smooth and enjoyable experience by presenting them with socially and environmentally responsible alternatives instead of just offering refunds.

Easy to use

Consumers are able to choose the product they want to return based on their order number and email.

Analytics and Insights

The forms can be customized as needed. For example, you can tailor the return form based on what data you want to collect. The data can potentially be utilized to prevent returns in the future.

Streamlined Execution

The process is paperless, where the consumer receives a return label in the form of a QR code. The consumer will be updated automatically during the return process.