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Easly is an all-in-one platform where you can unify and streamline how you receive, route, respond to, and measure all your returns, claims, refunds, and repairs.

📍 Located in Norway, we are proud that several stores, chains, suppliers, and repair services from all over the world have joined us. We aim to bring all parties into the same ecosystem, and our focus moving forward is to involve more industry stakeholders in caring for the products being sold and preventing the waste and disposal of products that could have a second life. Our team of experts is constantly working to improve and evolve our products to meet our customers' needs.

How it all started

Who finds processing claims fun?

Very few of us.

In 2015, I, worked as a claim manager at one of Norway’s biggest high-end fashion stores. What was repetitive in processing the cases was that they had to be handled manually. The process relied on me being precise, careful, and remembering to follow up with customers and suppliers in various cases. I became adept at keeping track in Excel, but I noticed that keeping track of everything was time-consuming. If I forgot a case, the company could risk not getting the compensation they were entitled to, or customers could be dissatisfied with not receiving a response to their case.

My partner, Felix, and I started to wonder if this could be done in a more efficient way. Could the entire process be digitized? Absolutely! We set up a development team and worked closely with my manager in the store. We developed the processing and communication system Easly. It turned out that this was a pain point for several stores in the industry.

Many wanted to test Easly, and after a few months, one of Norway's largest furniture chains joined in. We worked hard to tailor the system to the needs of the stores so that claims handling would be as smooth as possible. Today, we have collected over 100,000 cases with valuable data about products in several industries.

Since then, more stores, chains, and suppliers have joined in. We aim to bring everyone into the same ecosystem. The focus going forward is to include more actors in the industry to take care of the products being sold and prevent waste and disposal of products that should continue to live on. Things are moving fast, and we are so excited for the future!